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Sheltered is a game for the android platform, made in the genre of a simulator. The game is a simulator of survival in the bunker after the end of the world. Asylum populations will increase as the game progresses. The resources that need to be sought and collected will not always be enough for everyone. You have to manage a team of surviving people, giving them various tasks. You are waiting for turn-based battles in which you need to repel the attacks of wild animals and enemy groups. As you progress through the game, the skills, attributes and weaknesses of the survivors will develop, and a sharp drop in basic indicators can lead to death. Managing survivors, you need to carefully monitor the mental and physical condition of people in the shelter. You have to solve conflict situations and distribute resources fairly.

The main properties of the game Sheltered :

  • gameplay - survival simulator in the bunker
  • turn-based battles used
  • search and collection of resources


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