Assassins creed: Chronicles. China

Game Action platformer historical stealth adventure


Assassins creed: Chronicles. China - the announcement of the game for the android platform, made by Ubisoft in the genre of adventure platformer, the events of which occur in medieval China. According to the storyline, we are talking about the last assassin named Shao Jun from the Chinese fraternity. This fearless girl, having studied with the famous Ezio Auditore, decided to return to her homeland and avenge the Templars. In the game you will find many obstacles and a large number of opponents who need to pursue, distract, track down and strike with a sharp sword or a blade hidden in a boot.

The main properties of the game Assassins creed: Chronicles. China :

  • active gameplay
  • a large number of levels
  • excellent design in detailed graphics
  • exceptional character skills


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