Bright memory mobile

Game Shooting first-person shooter shooter story fps hd action


Bright Memory Mobile - a game for the android platform, created in the genre of shooter, in which the world is a symbiosis of futuristic space and fantasy. So, there is an ancient sword capable of resurrecting the dead, which private military companies want to get. In the storyline, you play as a researcher who is trying to protect this ancient sword, which in the world of cyberpunk and magic is adjacent to ultra-modern weapons. When passing levels, it is possible to open a vast world with different monsters, as well as zombies with magical effects and futuristic soldiers armed to the teeth.

The main features of the game Bright Memory Mobile :

  • symbiosis of futuristic space and fantasy
  • shooter genre
  • excellent design in high-quality graphics
  • only on powerful phones can you install the game


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Application Type: Paid
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