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BonVoyage! - A game for the android platform, which is a variation of the puzzle with drag and drop tiles. Brave knights must go through the level, for which you need to collect the road from tiles with road forks that can be moved, but not turned. For especially persistent players, the mode of passing levels for a while is supported. In this mode, you need to act as quickly as possible to get the maximum number of points. After completing all the cards, you can use a random level generator, in which it is possible to set the complexity and size. Each puzzle is available both on a sunny day and on a dark night, which gives the game a variety.

The main features of the game BonVoyage! :

  • gameplay on over 100 levels
  • jigsaw puzzle variation
  • support for game modes on time and random generator
  • each puzzle is available in two design options
  • levels of varying difficulty


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