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Hero Siege: Pocket Edition - Game for Android from the developer Panic Art Studios platform, which can be regarded as quite user-friendly version Hero Siege game for mobile devices. The game is a symbiosis of several genres, here and slasher and RPGB and Roguelike. Last genre involves the loss of all your character made before, ie We have to start all over again. Immediately it should be noted that the game is paid, it is worth a lot - almost $ 9.

For the first time the game was released in 2003. It is decorated with interesting graphics in a retro style, looks more years of such things at 25, that age is a very advanced computer games.

Gameplay is built on a rather simple storyline, according to which the stupid monks opened the gates to hell. Now, from there to the ground and climbs every evil devil himself, to seize our world. Your task is to stop it and prevent it in the world of management.

Mobile version of the game is slightly different from the original PC. Reduce the number of character classes from 12 to 7. Each character has exceptional ability and talent tree. The number of players for multiplayer is limited to four, which is sufficient for an exciting game. Levels, enemies, bosses, drop, crypts, dungeons, secrets and other randomly generated

The main properties of Hero Siege games: Pocket Edition:

- Support for six difficulty levels

- Support game controllers

- The ability to play online with your friends in multiplayer mode

- About 200 rare items

- Seven character classes

- Eight dozen enemies

- Three decades of achievements

- About a hundred hats

Negative properties Hero Siege games: Pocket Edition:

- Paid Game

- The presence of Donati

Summary: The game can be confidently called the supreme achievement of developer skill, despite the fact that she paid with a little reduced content.


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