BLOOD GLORY: IMMORTALS - developer of the company Glu offer new market role-playing game for Android. It should be noted that in the past three years, Glu creates its gaming products on the theme of Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. In previous releases, you could captivate the gladiator fights, and this issue offers to fight with the Greek gods and, so to speak, assistants. The game is implemented in the format RPG, and it has both advantages and disadvantages.

The main properties of the game BLOOD GLORY:

• fun gameplay

• three heroes with unique abilities

• a large number of different opponents

• the ability to communicate with other players to create guilds and participate in tournaments and battles online

• exclusive weapons and armor various

• Beautiful graphics and easy control

• bonus system rewards

• the opportunity to improve and pump

Negative characteristics of the game BLOOD GLORY:

• all three heroes - a little

• a world in which the battle is not open, and the limited level

• Levels should take place within a certain time

• the ability to communicate with players only in the city - brakes at large number of them

• lack of diversity - the levels of the same type

• lack of the promised unique combat system

• similarity with the game ETERNITY WARRIORS 3

• availability of Donata

Summary: The overall positive impression of the game - like its conciseness, beautiful graphics good technical capabilities. Donat, the similarity with another game and uniformity - this is a fly in the ointment, which spoils the overall impression of the game.


Download BLOOD & GLORY: IMMORTALS apk Free 11.05 MB version 1.0.0

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