Five Nights at Freddy's 2

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Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - a great horror film on Android. Everyone who looks "horror", feels a sense of fear. Such films with a pumping environment are quite popular, especially if they were filmed as an amateur camera, which creates a sense of presence. Developers from Scott Cawthon have created a game in which you will feel real horror.

In accordance with the plot, the events take place in a pizzeria, where special robots were brought in to entertain adults and children. Robots look toy, similar to the heroes of children's cartoons, but visitors to the pizzeria very much like the idea. Every morning, the administration of the pizzeria finds in the robots a small breakdown, so to find out who spoils the property, installs video surveillance cameras and hires a security guard. Guard - and there is that character for which you will play.

What do you find yourself in the night before the monitors? Robots come to life, and something terrible happens. Unfortunately, you are limited by the budget for electricity consumption. In case there is no electricity, you will find yourself in pitch darkness alone with these terrible creatures and can not even open the automatic door. In such conditions, you need to spend five nights. In this case, it is necessary to note the excellent work of game designers who managed to combine the simplicity of what is happening with the horror, which this simplicity will inspire in you.

As for the price policy for the game Five Nights at Freddy's 2, I must say that it is somewhat different from the policy in the previous part of the game. You can free download a demo version, in which you spend one night in a pizzeria, and make sure that what is happening in the game really causes fear. The full version of the game costs $ 2.5. It should be noted that the game is worth the money.

Summary: The game is very exciting, even unusual, such as what real horror movies should be. Play the demo version and see for yourself, but get ready for the worst, and if not afraid - download the full version.


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