Marvel: The Battle of Champions


Marvel: The Battle of Champions - a game fight on Android. Marvel Universe characters meet in the ring to fight in the battle and win. Developers have created a lot of games based on movies and comic books, the last of them - the film series "The Hunger Games" and the universe Marvel - this is their first game, so I wonder what they offer us.

The essence of the game is that you need to hold the tournament in martial arts, will be attended by all the characters in comics Marvel. The developers have chosen this comic, because many of his heroes now become idols of today's youth are very popular among children and adults that can provide success and popularity of the game.

According to the storyline, which is present in the game, but differs from the comic scenes, all the characters are in limbo as long as the show does not start and no one to fight in battle. Unlike the comics, where all the characters are heroes in the game, they look weak-willed puppets. Maybe this is not essential for the fight, but it is necessary to mention. Then proceed to the evaluation of gameplay.

The game is positioned as a fighting game, but the gameplay is so simple that it is difficult to agree with it. Management is accomplished in the traditional slasher, you just your finger across the screen, and your character acts independently, so you do not require any effort.

Donat in the game is always regarded as a disadvantage, but in this game, where only its not! To play without interruption, to buy energy to bring a new hero, you need to buy crystals to upgrade your hero, you need to buy the opportunities offered. Internet connectivity is a prerequisite for the game, which also can not be attributed to the merits.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Marvel: Battle of Champions

· Application to gather all the characters of the Marvel Universe

· The opportunity to collect a unique team of celebrities

· The opportunity to fight on the side of the villains

· Offered to perform various tasks

· The opportunity to improve their heroes

· Can free download

Negative characteristics of the game Marvel: Battle of Champions

· Ubiquitous Donat

· Does not work without an Internet connection

· Management too simple, which makes it impossible to improve skills

Summary: for users who are just looking for a good fighting game, be sure to continue the search, and comic fans probably already downloaded the game and brought their characters to the ring.

To play you need to download the cache and place at: sd / android / obb


Download Marvel: The Battle of Champions apk Free 36.99 MB version 1.0.0

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