Phantom Rift

Game Action RPG


Phantom Rift - the original game for Android devices in the genre of RPG. Despite the fact that the genre has already been formed within certain limits, some developers are trying to move them apart, which gives the genre some novelty. Of course, you need to pay for innovation, so the game fee - close two and a half dollars. Let's see whether it is these small but still money.

We advise not to waste time on the formation of the personal property of your character, which you select at the beginning of the game, because the amount of change is minimal, and the most interesting thing is waiting for you next. Interesting - that's what brings you to a magical world full of mystery and magic, and that your character will feel like a fish in water, because he is a magician.

Making the game distinguishes it from others in the genre. From the outset some small and obscure, but every right step fog dissipates, and the world grows and begins to move, and you are traveling in a large space, where there is both good and evil beings, shadows and other mysterious elements . Clearly, the evil beings have to fight and struggle to use a huge number of spells in the game where a few hundred and for all occasions. We need to think, not to be mistaken, what spell apply in either case. To collect spells.

Key features and the positive properties of the game Phantom Rift:

· The use of innovation in the design of battles

· The atmosphere is filled with mystery and magic

· Number of spells for all occasions more than three hundred

· Large number of different items

· Large number of NPC you will receive information about the world in which you are traveling

· It is possible to lead the battle in PvP

· The ability to use a variety of external joystick control

Negative characteristics of the game Phantom Rift:

· A game you have to pay

· There is no translation from English

Summary: if you speak English and do not hesitate to see the inscription on it, if you're interested in role-playing games with magic, download and play the game should be like.


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