The Saints 2 - The Last Guardian


The Saints 2 - The Last Guardian - the second part of the game on Android, the creation of which took more than a year, and the developers have tried to make some improvements to the graphics and make some additions, because the first part of the game can hardly be called a very popular (less than a million downloads).

As such, the story line is not clear, but it's probably a bad thing, because the game supports only one language - English. The essence of the game is that you need to choose a hero's actions and engage in combat with the enemy, not one, but with a lot of variety. The game has many interesting locations in which you will visit, and provided a sufficient number of missions to be carried out, and assigned tasks quite understandable shown by the arrows. One of the missions - to defeat the enemy, because in this case you get the money, which can be otovaritsya in the store. If the purchase is not enough money (and so often happens!), You can use Donat.

The gameplay is designed in accordance with the genre, but there is one thing that should be discussed. When the enemy falls, and do you think that he is killed, you are mistaken. He may suddenly rise behind you and cause unexpected blow, so beware. The game is strictly enforced rule: "do not hit a lying," so when the opponent falls, you can not inflict blows.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game The Last Guardian:

· Classic gameplay, made in accordance with the genre of role-playing game

· Today's schedule is executed at a high level

· Management comfortable, satisfied user

· The game features over 20 levels

· Have to fight more than 20 varieties of enemy

· Per game do not pay

Negative characteristics of the game The Last Guardian:

· There Donat, without which you can do

· The game is not translated, only supports English

· Lack of storyline

Summary: In the game there is no distinguishing features that make the game more attractive Used for users, although in general a very good game that fans will love the classic brodilok.


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