Snake Defender


Snake Defender - a new version of the old game Snake on Android. In previous versions it was quite simple - the snake should have everything she was given, grow in size, but so that no damage itself, ie game in the genre of arcade. Developers have complicated the second version of the game and made it a role. To implement the chosen space theme, which is based on the protection of the universe.

The new version of the snake can not only feed, but also to supplement its elements that perform different functions, such as power generation or shooting, because the snake appeared enemies. Improving existing items to make fashionable snake is stronger so that it can defend and attack. The game includes a variety of levels of complexity, from simple for beginners to incredibly complex for a "pro."

Despite its simplicity, the chart is made very high quality. The game provides three management options. A very useful thing - a guide to the game that started it all begins. It will help you understand and make the necessary settings.

Key Features and advantages of the game Snake Defender:

· A new implementation of the arcade

· Worthy uncomplicated graphics

· 10 missions

· Three modes and three management options

· Do not have to pay

Negative characteristics of the game Snake Defender:

· Missions might be more!

Summary: The game is a pleasure, especially to fans of role-playing games and those who like a snake.

Download Snake Defender apk Free 17.21 MB version 1.0.10

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