BombSquad - good game for Android. In the Soviet Union pioneers loved to play the game in a militarized "Summer Lightning". Ask your grandparents, they will remember. In this game you are given the gaming space, to take part in which up to eight players can and offer different kinds of events (as in the "heat lightning"!). You can capture the enemy flag or participate in this melee battle, and without bloodshed, sometimes with the use of bladed weapons. More can be thrown at enemies real bomb (black balls with a wick), but it is necessary to take into account the delay of the explosion and the flight path.

Performed in a wonderful game quality graphics and with a great animation. You are surrounded by interactive world that sends boxes with great bonuses. Collect them and earn, it will increase your ability to resist the enemy. Be especially careful if the battlefield does not fenced, do not go near the edge - fall and perish.

Your opponents can be both bots and real participants who joined the game. If you're playing alone, it will be very overcome levels because the game is multiplayer, with the help of friends to play much easier.

Advantages games BombSquad:

· High quality graphics and animation

· An awesome experience from the outside world plasticine

· Very lively and mobile game

· Developers offer a lot of interesting findings

· Highly addictive

· Multiplayer mode allows you to bring friends and acquaintances

· Do not have to pay

Disadvantages games BombSquad:

· Have Donat, which does not manage the game in on-line mode

· If you do not have minded, playing alone is quite difficult

· There is no possibility to play via the Internet

Summary: Internet - the best place to find companions for the game, so if the developers will provide an opportunity to play over the internet, the prices of this game will not be!


Download BombSquad apk Free 49.22 MB version 1.4.1

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