Welcome to the Dungeon


Welcome to the Dungeon - good classic game on Android. Welcome to the dungeon - select a hero who is not afraid of darkness, and the darkness generated by this demon and go down into the ground to deal with them. You will be able to return to their homeland after the leader will overcome the demons of the most dangerous and powerful, and to take the honors as a result of the victory, over the forces of darkness. Many users are already familiar story like that is used in the game for the android platform.

If we talk about the graphics, which made the game, it should be noted its outdated and inadequate. It is made using old technology and is sometimes difficult to determine what is happening on the screen. But when you consider that the action takes place in the pitch dark in the cave, the fans of the genre it may even like it.

Gameplay involves getting the game experience, destroying demons, communication with traders to buy the necessary equipment for your character, collect money from chests found. Difficulty of the game increases with the level to which you go, and is characterized by the fact that demons are active, brave, strong, so beware!

The basic properties of the game Welcome to the Dungeon:

· Turn-based game that sets it apart from many other

· Superiority reproducing antique style

· Large Live variety of demons

· Free from the demons must be 16 different dungeons

· Music in retro style

· For the game does not have to pay!

Negative characteristics of the game Welcome to the Dungeon:

· Graphics, yet shocking

· The game is translated into different languages, but not in Russian

· There is a problem with the timing

· You can do without the donation, which, of course, present

Summary: If you belong to sophisticated users and enjoy the game in the retro style, you will like it.


Download Welcome to the Dungeon apk Free 25.8 MB version 1.3.1

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