Ingress - addictive game on Android, based on an interesting storyline: France. Scientists discover a new type of energy that can affect people's thinking. Of course, this energy not only opens up new opportunities for mankind in the field of science, but also threatens the safety of people on the planet, because the energy is changing the way people think, wants to subdue them. We need to get ahead of her!

Acquire new knowledge, strength, come into contact with a mysterious new power can only those who download the game.

The essence of the game is to win the battle for mankind. People who are at a certain distance, combined with energy, begin to move, and the city becomes a battleground.

There is another group - the opponents of the new and, especially, to the end of the unknown, which will resist progress. You have the choice to join a group of conservatives, or to the side of progress.

Advantages of the product Ingress:

· Limited existing resources of your device

· Vanguard game

· A new step in the development of social games

· Addictive game with developing property

· Fosters team spirit and the ability to form alliances to control their actions

· Hurrah! None Donata!

· Absolutely free project

Disadvantages Product Ingress:

· Need to have a good imagination

· Game is not easy, requires reflection

· It is necessary to ensure continuous access to the Internet and geolocation

· The game is not translated into Russian, so many will have to overcome the language barrier

Summary: Download this wonderful game will be satisfied with your choice. Almost ten million users have already downloaded Ingress. The more participants, the better - this is the main feature of the game.


Download Ingress apk Free 24.42 MB version 1.59.1

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