ETERNITY WARRIORS 3 - getting started, addictive game ETERNITY WARRIORS on your android. Really worth a look version of the game that has already been able to please us. Developers Glu has long been engaged in production of Diablo - like games, enjoying great demand.

Then, when it appeared at Gameloft game Dungeon Hunter appeared at Glu ETERNITY WARRIORS. Games similar to each other, both in gameplay and graphics, are not inferior to each other by popularity. Here you can find small differences. Developers are close to each other in fact, both use a system Free to play, which allows you to download and play for free, but to improve the life of the hero is only possible means.

In general, the game is worthy and exciting. The storyline is as follows: You need to choose the best warrior of the available and to improve it with all sorts of missions. You'll pass a cave, deep underground, and many other dangerous places, improving the skills of the hero, his ammunition, an arsenal of weapons, the means to exist and fight with the bosses. There's better graphics, incredible locations, new costumes, upgraded weapons, some new skills and a lot more surprises.

ETERNITY WARRIORS has 3 features:

- An incredible three character classes to choose from, namely: mage, warrior and monk

- Great graphics

- Great animation and interesting battles

- There is even a chat, an opportunity to join a guild with other players

- There are tournaments

- An exciting journey through four great kingdoms

- An incredible amount of trophies, with the ability to obtain them

- The characters individually at their

- The gameplay is almost perfect

- Download and play for free

There are minor drawbacks: slow rotation of the camera, which can be annoying, ridiculous tournaments, there Donath, cool things for money.

Let us summarize. In general, the game looks good, the gameplay is fun, colorful story. Do not hesitate, download and play!

Important: CACHE put here: sdcard / Android / obb



Download ETERNITY WARRIORS 3 apk Free 4.42 MB version 2.2.0

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