Animas Online


Animas Online - an exciting game for Android, which is excellent its gameplay and exciting pastime. Great role 3D game that will surprise you. You and your hero get to the fabulous world of Forest. Your people in the world - it's all kinds of cute animals. Your world - a life in harmony and love. But at one point, harmony comes the collapse, because the sail are people who can only destroy and spoil everything and before you have no choice as to just take one of your heroes and go to war with people. The plot revolves around the village, come to the NPC including the warehouse, with the necessary supplies, a blacksmith and a lion, which challenges you to. When you get your mission from a lion, magically transports you to a place where the battle will take place.

Animas Online has features:

- The variety of characters and people

- Gorgeous and colorful fantasy world of

- 3D graphics on the assessment of well-

- Actively loaded before you set objectives, mission

- A system of your achievements

- Comfortable and just great management

- Availability of learning opportunities that will cause you a minor annoyance

- The good news is that the game is absolutely free and there are no annoying commercials.

There is a presence and cons: game online, but you can meet only bots that are worn and shout «Good day!»; Graph bit lacking detail, but there is no braking during gameplay; a little hard to navigate in the weapon, but it's a matter of time; a small selection of equipment; without Donati play hard and not easy; all be able to buy by paying real money, you have the opportunity to explore more of the surrounding area, gaining experience, money and items with ease. Using the donation in front of you opens the opportunity to get a bonus missions, taking with him a bot which has 5 levels above yours, that much can help you. Bit strange characters, the lack of blood, which can spoil your impression about the game.

Choosing a free option, you will receive: The purpose - to pass the level and receive a coupon. Scenario is a good amount of missions that have been passed quickly enough. From the beginning, everything happened very active and exciting, it was possible to find a weapon, stock up on money, unnecessary could be sold, it seemed possible that the handle for an hour - a half, but it turned out not. First financial difficulties arise even in the last mission, when you need to buy a potion that restores life. Unfortunately, without the passage of your donation missions can turn into a good hassle.

To summarize, we can say with certainty that Gameforge great. Feel free to recommend to play, especially since the first episode will be able to walk with ease., And then have to pay.


Download Animas Online apk Free 12.27 MB version 1.1.1

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