Call Of Warships: World Duty


Call Of Warships: World Duty - addictive game for Android with incredible sea battles. Who can not capture the battle on the sea, spectacular battles, exciting fights, stunning maneuvers impressive guns. Marine theme will always be interesting from small to large. Incredible size ships, tactical maneuvers, strong gun, clear hit.

In this game, you command a warship, and the main goal - to lead the sea and hold their positions. Your fleet can and will grow, and it says that you are lucky enough to resemble the various ships that carries with greater force. Each ship is interesting and unique on - his. According to many, the developers were able to reproduce realistic specifications ships, so everyone has absolutely unique.

Call Of Warships: World Duty has features:
- An incredible amount of interesting and powerful ships, a great arsenal of weapons, your skill and tactics to help right to use this resource

- Awesome 3D graphics and high-quality

- Real and true historically - famous ships

- Excellent ambience

- Quite comfortable and convenient management game.

Pros Call Of Warships: World Duty:

- Great graphics, incredible plotting to ship items

- Great smooth gameplay

- Very exciting fights

- Have the opportunity to refine and improve ships

- Totally free to play and there is no donation

Cons Call Of Warships: World Duty:

- Challenging bosses

- There may be financial difficulties as initially nowhere to spend, well, after you know what to buy is not possible to cool the ship

- Not available online

- Knows only English.

To summarize we can say that the game is still a work in progress, but if the developers will continue to work on a project that is guaranteed to get a masterpiece.


Download Call Of Warships: World Duty apk Free 37.22 MB version 1.0

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