Rival Knights - Invincible Knight


Rival Knights - Meet the incredible knight on the screen of your mobile device only. Awesome game on Android with awesome storyline. Acquainted with the game closer, before us the incredible world of knights. You'll play as a knight of the kingdom, which is full of courage, bravery and valor, ammunition and simple desire to be the absolute tops. Your knight competes with only one goal - to become the first and best.

Competitions take place in the style of the attack on horseback at each other at high speed. Accelerating fly to meet one another.

Your goal - to bring down an opponent with a saddle lance. The game's plot revolves around the main character, who has to go the hard way from the beginner to the poor knight - the legend of the kingdom, becoming the first and best.

Rival Knights has features:

1. Stunning and colorful graphics, which became a business card developer

2. Good physics games

3. Virtually unlimited opportunities leveling your character, including horses, peak, armor, strength and Stripes

4. Different and unique paintings starovekovya

5. Excellent musical accompaniment and distinctive voice.

But where there are pros and there are cons. The game is free, but to achieve their goals will need to pay for bonuses. Bit annoying fast gameplay, the feeling of the conveyor.

To summarize we can say that having the desire to feel a little knight and go riding, and most importantly a high enough level, you can safely install. If your goal still would not be the first knight of the realm and you are ready to pay the bonus game you do not need. But in general, you can ease and enjoy your time.

Good you play.


Download Rival Knights - Invincible Knight apk Free 23.74 MB version 1.0.0o

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