Heroes and Castles


Heroes and Castles - a great game for Android, which will captivate you and you will have fun. Unique and somewhat addictive game, and so was able to combine strategy and the classic RPG, including an incredible battle and defense elements. Awesome incendiary mixture.

Your main character - a knight. You must defend the castle in the most difficult moment, because in the state of ruin, and the enemy is near. Gameplay is interesting in that you take part not only in the strategy and defense, forming the army against the enemy, but also to participate fully in the war with the monsters in the protection of the state. You will be able to take part in several plots of gameplay.

Heroes and Castles has features:

- Stunning facial features three heroes knight, paladin, engineer

- The possibility of taking part in several gaming

- Tough enemies, including undead, ghouls, goblins, trolls, catapults, skeletons and many other critters

- Your assistants: dwarves, archers, mages, spearmen.

The game is notable for its fascinating story, interesting and enjoyable gameplay.

There is a small minus - game fee ($ 2) has already been presented to the iOS.

To summarize, we can say for sure that the game is worth to download and have fun.




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