Agent P DoofenDash


Agent P DoofenDash - great and fun game for Android, with a gripping storyline. Good agent Pi wants to save his friend Trishtate, so he will not an easy way, because the insidious Dr. Fufelshmerts instructed him to all sorts of traps and obstacles, which can not stumble and fall, but only to run, run. Do everything to catch the evil doctor.

Play as Agent P, in the pursuit of Fufelshmertsem to save Trishtate.

Agent P DoofenDash has features:
1. actively run, high jump and dodge inert in pursuit Fufelshmertsem
2. good seats for the races here and the roof, and the building, and air travel.
3. attack from the evil Dr. Fufelshmertsem
4. use different gadgets to overcome the evil Dr.
5. Compete with friends for the highest score.



Download Agent P DoofenDash apk Free 14.66 MB version 1.0.1

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