Thor 2 - the official game


Thor 2 - exciting official game on Android, which will allow you to visit the place of the hero of the mighty thunder god Thor. The game's plot echoes the storyline of the acclaimed film, where it is necessary to restore the balance in all of the nine worlds.

Thor 2
great strategy game
which the famous ruler of the Dark Elves, Malekith and
the sworn enemy of Asgard, directs his horde on
Nine Worlds of magic! Only the God of Thunder Thor
able to stop the enslavement of the universe. Create an alliance with
Wars of Asgard
historic battle for the
the salvation of the world.

Functions heroes of Asgard:

- Teach heroic warriors such as Seth, Heimdall and the Warriors Three, and fight against the enemies until the end of

- Call for help majestic warriors Aces, Einherjar, which will help to strengthen their ranks warriors 7 classes

- Improve and use the incredible possibilities of your allies - Teleport, treatment and many different benefits.

Your goal will be 90 hurricane assignments, with a variety of tasks and force opponents. Also, before you open worlds captured by the Marauders and Dark Elves and because once you are able to restore their freedom. Fight your enemies: mountainous giants, the Marauders, the Giants and Dark Elves.

Now open and improve the 10 powerful hammer of Thor and suits of armor. Learn the new combat skills, select the necessary for effective combat.

Try to become a leader in the arena, battle Malekith attacks reinforced by 4 arenas, taking the leading place in the ranking, getting a decent reward. Maybe for the world ranking necessary training, then taking the lead among friends, you will not be deprived of awards.


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