Candy Maze


Candy Maze - a great game is about a chameleon named Einstein on Android. The plot of stories about how cute chameleon has long been locked in a pet store. Once Einstein felt that the flavor Tolle baked cupcakes. Aroma of baking so bewitched our hero, he decided to escape from prison, to get to that cake and

eat it. And there was born a plan to escape from the pet store. He realized that the difficulties that await him, even vperedi.Vasha task is not left in a difficult moment of Einstein and help him get out of the labyrinth of the store. Use buckets to bypass security barriers. Try to collect all cupcakes, all the candies to complete the level.

Each level represents a good logical problem where the player must, in the correct order to open the locks to get out of the maze. Play the sweet maze with keys and locks.

Rules of the game Candy Maze:

• Einstein is found around the screen with your finger.

• to pass through lasers, concealed by the use of buckets desired color.

• In order to earn points, collect all the candy.

• can drag and drop bombs on the empty tiles and blow them up.

• super-potion activate by pressing the icon.

What You see here?

• Two beautiful world

• a lot of challenging levels

• be able to undo the last action time machine!

• dispose of lasers and ink special bombs.

• with a flashing caps can turn into a super-Einstein condensate, which will give an opportunity to go through any lasers.

• an increased rate Einstein able to move even faster

Candy maze was designed by a talented team of BigHut Games


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