Into the Dead


Into the Dead -

a great free action game for mobile devices on Android. The protagonist of the game we can answer the question, what can be worse than an unexpected helicopter crash? Once after experiencing a crash in the center of the apocalypse does not have to grieve, and only run.
Into The Dead
is an arcade genre. The Hero just need to constantly run while to overcome difficulties. Game
characterized several characteristic
features that make it not only
unique, but interesting.

So, here you need to understand. Exciting
is that for such a cool toy
comes from the first person. At first glance it may seem that this is unimportant, but it is not so. The player gets a sense of presence, looking at the world through the eyes of the main
hero. The player's goal - to survive, you will need to run constantly, but the question is in what direction and where, because there are no obstacles, no trails, but there is only a field. Automatically starting running, the hero
Into The Dead
should direct their movements, using weapons if necessary.

The hard way is waiting for a hero, endless battles against hordes of zombies in order to achieve their goals will not relax. At first, you can them

pass, but after the road will be difficult - the path will have to clear the weapon, which is enough. Me
rtvetsam have to be nervous, because, as in the rescue comes a diverse arsenal
weapons - from pistol
to the gun. As in life, ammo is limited, but in a way there is a possibility of selection rounds. A large number of missions in the game and the passage of some of them
allow access to new
weapons. Each race hero confronts him with some goals that should be achieved in order to obtain new - this is
Into The Dead. The tasks are varied and interesting.

Having received the coins after the race, spend it wisely, such as a new weapon or a new power-ups.

The diverse number of bonuses happy - it
increased ammo and instant start from a specific distance. Very handy bonuses that are active before each race and that foresight is impossible to miss - they are called perks.

Format: rushing, dodging zombies, weapons apply. With each race we run away farther and farther.

The walking dead all the more, and run harder and harder. The gameplay is addictive deeper and deeper, and this in turn indicates the quality of the provided games. Into The Dead has
Mode 3 is now only available one. Later,
updates will be available after two more.

The gameplay is complemented by a suitable graphics. Looking at the fact that things are moving at night, Into The Dead

We will not show
the bright colors and the fog
add tension to the game and hide the dead, which would make the process
tenser. Music meets the style of play is present
the main menu. Postproduction screams shots per level. Thanks to the excellent work of developers, you have several options to control the game, make your choice.


Download Into the Dead apk Free 26.8 MB version 1.4.3

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