Download for free Adventures On Android

Hidden object. Chimeras: Mortal medicine. Collector's edition is a game for the android platform, in which you need to find a cure for the strange disease of astounding children. Events occur in a small town in which you will follow the trail of a mythical chimera, find a villain and reveal the secret of the disease

Munchausen HD - in this game for the Android platform you have to help the famous Baron Munchausen to save the kingdom and the beautiful princess from the evil sorcerer, to which he goes on a dangerous journey across inhospitable land where he was waiting for an incredible adventure

Simon the sorcerer: 20th anniversary edition - game for android platform invites you to a magical world, which opened the main character, a young man named Simon. He found a mysterious book, opened it, along with his dog found himself in the country where they live amazing creatures, and operate magical powers

Dreamcage - game for android platform offers help Lily escape from unusual cells, which is strange in the fact that within the cell entered the house and the world around him. You will spend Lily on numerous rooms of the house and its surroundings

Give It Up! - Good arcade game for Android. What we usually expect from the game? Primarily, entertainment. Game Give It Up! - Is a fun arcade game for the Android platform, which is able to meet our expectations

Swordbreaker - a great quest for Android. Revives the good old tradition, when the schedule falls on a human hand. In recent years, computer graphics has replaced everything, and very rarely come across anturazhnye and cool game with a hand drawing. Swordbreaker from the developers of DuCats Games is a game

Duet - funny arcade game on Android. The whole world around you stops and you are immersed in a trance, full of inner strength. In this state, you can easily come into contact with substances acting in the game Duet. Feel the euphoria, but be cold-blooded.

Shake Spears! - Meet exciting game on Android, similar in popularity on the "Invincible Knight" from developer Gameloft game. The game's plot is really like the fact that here and Knight, and the kingdom, and locks, and incredible tournaments.

Tentacles: Enter The Dolphin - a little mysterious, but addictive game for Android. The game's plot is as follows - one professor, who lived on the Isthmus Varadero Cuban dolphin was absolute genius and biology

Rival Knights - Meet the incredible knight on the screen of your mobile device only. Awesome game on Android with awesome storyline. Acquainted with the game closer, before us the incredible world of knights