Transport Empire


Transport Empire - a wonderful app on android, previously open genre Transport Tycoon, which was a pioneer. Earlier we already delighted economic policies, but only thanks to Chris Soeyru transport games have found their niche, including successfully submitted Transport Tycoon, and that was 20 years ago. Many milked flowed, much has changed, there are many analogues.

To date, great developer GIGL (natives, My Country, Crime Story, and others) have decided to make changes in the economic strategy to transport and set up her on android. At the heart of the game lies Transport Empire.

Captivating game plot, which you will in in Victorian times, You are a hero, you are a young promising businessman, all doors are open to you, but there are but have nowhere to go, because there are problems with transport, and that becomes your key objective.

Here you will need a lot of railroads, businesses, airports for air travel. Great style of play. Engage in the development of infrastructure, run trains, boats submit, Marshall plants, dig mines, and more.

Transport Empire has features:

- Wonderful graphics, stunning detail

- Have the opportunity to build cities, factories, and there is no just focus on transport

- The game is designed so that there are many stories and characters

- The game is filled with great story line that grabs you incredibly, there is also a competition, and conspiracy, and the treasures of land and a lot of research still pleasant surprises

- The game is absolutely free

There are downsides, unfortunately, but with a screen smaller than 6.5 inches, the gameplay become more complex, the game is not easy, you need to work productively.

In summary, a great game to replace the previous veteran, fun gameplay, the game has its own unique style, guaranteed to be interesting after spending long hours together.

Important! The game contains a cache path: sdcard / Android / obb



Download Transport Empire apk Free 10.42 MB version 1.03.3

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